I have seen the fury of this inland sea; her rollers piled high in November gales

I have heard her thunderous chorus along the North Shore, craggy and hard against the assault

I have felt her frigid spray on top ten-story cliffs jettisoned skyward by mighty collisions

I have listened to sobering stories of shipwrecks and ten thousand souls down in her depths

I have marveled at her serenity in calmer times, always respectful of an untamed spirit

I have breathed the scented air of pine and birch forests hugging close to her rugged shore

I have watched the magical lights in the north dancing along her horizon

I have looked into the depth of the stars and galaxies hinting at the universe above her body

I have stood on her shore staring into the past, a primitive vastness unchangeable by man

And I find an inner peace whenever in her presence

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