Frozen Harvest

Mary Benton, traveling alone by train, arrived in the small town of Seven Lakes, Minnesota, on December 5, 1925. In the early evening of December 22, Mary left her room at The Seven Lakes Grand Hotel in the middle of a severe snowstorm, never to return. A mysterious letter arriving at the office of Minneapolis detective Joel Vick, nearly ninety years after her disappearance, suggested there may have been something else at play on that fateful night.


Joseph Benedict

Born and raised in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Joseph Benedict spent eight years in the U.S. Air Force before joining corporate America. For the past nine years, Benedict has been a writer who tells his company story through blogs, articles, features, and website content. Benedict loves the creative process of telling a good story. He maintains a personal blog where he publishes his work of fiction and life experiences. He currently makes his home in Camden, SC.


“A great book that hooked my attention from the very first chapter. I eagerly anticipated and followed Joel as he tracked down clues that might have been overlooked when Mary Benton’s case was ruled as an accident.”

Jessica Barbosa

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This well-written and atmospheric story keeps the reader on their toes as they follow Joel Vicks’ investigation and try to keep the paranormal and the actual straight in their minds.

Jack Magnas

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“An absorbing mystery moving between the present and 1925. Taking place during a Minnesota winter storm in both timelines, an uneasy feeling influences the plot, creating a foreboding atmosphere.”

Susan Sewell

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